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Over the last 9 months Jan Hogarth,  has been working as orchestrator for Environmental Art Festival Scotland which is a joint venture between Wide Open and The Stove in Dumfries. Jan has been working closely with Matt Baker and Robbie Coleman as EAFS producers to deliver EAFS 2015 which was hailed as a great success.

Artworks, adventures and investigations in the landscape around Morton Castle in Upper Nithsdale, Dumfries and Galloway explored issues relating to the future of this landscape, and climate change with the main festival theme being “generosity as a way of Understanding the world”. Jan also worked very closely with a young persons project called EAFS recharge which involved 5 very talented interns who were taken on to train and enable to deliver the festival in the future.

In addition to orchestrating the festival with the EAFs team. Jan has been working as an environmental artist again developing her own project called “Quest” which involves bringing sacred water which has healing properties from the Hartfell Spa at Moffat over the hills by horseback to the festival at Morton Castle, exploring issues of water and climate change, timeless journeys through landscape, ritual and indigenous traditions.



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