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Find Sanctuary deep in a Scottish forest – an arts event in the heart of Galloway’s Dark Skies Park. It experiments with sound, light and space, exploring the unseen and in-between, featuring light installations and 24 hours of previously unheard music.

Sanctuary takes place on 27th and 28th September


The Dark.Outside FM. 87.7FM 

Stuart Mclean and contributing artists worldwide

Radio broadcast around Murrays Monument

Noon 27th – Noon 28th 

Sound artist Frenchbloke, curates 24 hours of previously unheard music donated exclusively for this project by musicians and producers from all over the world. The site-specific transmission will be of specially composed work, forgotten recordings and alternate versions of existing work, none of which have been heard in public before. These sound works will be on air for the duration of the broadcast, then deleted. They may never be heard again.
Robbie Coleman

From 7pm

Large scale neon sculpture
Nightlight 1

Unicorn Diagram, London.

From 7pm at The Screen

A visual time capsule that deteriorates over time if left alone, but that can temporarily be reversed.


Unicorn Diagram is the chimeric fusion of Carrie Godsiff, a bona fide Fine Artist, and Johannes Hinrich Meyer, a Black Metal musician. Their collaborative practice explores ideas of incongruity, human-nature interfaces, the Uncanny, and space; fuelled by ales and stouts respectively.


‘The Dark Outside’ Lecture.

Innes Smith.

Dark Star Lounge.


Innes will be talking about ‘The Dark Outside’ from a paranormal perspective, examining the place of darkness in mythology, Spiritualism, ritual uses of darkness and psychology of perception He will also be exploring the paranormal experiences that happen in the dark, such as hauntings and poltergeists.


Innes Smith is a writer and actor, mainly working in animation for the BBC or voice overs. He’s also a Paranormal Investigator for the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, based in Glasgow, joining in 1998. He’s previously given public talks on ‘Problems with the Paranormal’, ‘Vampires: fact!? Fiction?’, ‘Summoning Spiritualism’, ‘Mesmerism and Hypnotism’ and High Strangeness Cases such as ‘The Mince Pie Martians’. He believes that there’s evidence ‘for something going on’ but acknowledges the extreme challenges that science faces when investigating anomalous phenomena. He’s also providing Station Idents for the Dark Outside FM.


An Unbroken Circle (Keeping the Dark at Bay)

Ruaridh Law and Dave Fyans, Glasgow.

Camping Field

10pm – 6am

This one-off participative performance utilises a ring of LED lights and radios to generate an optisonic circle to protect those inside. Inside the circle, large numbers of sound sources and noisemakers, will generate the audio part of the signal, a partly improvised/partly self-generating audio signal that can be interrupted, altered or added to by anyone. Speakers on site and FM radios – tuned using microtransmitters will transmit outwards and will add an unpredictable element of overlap and interference, dictated by position within the circle. The artists themselves will perform at points, as well as encouraging others to do so. The most important part of the work however is to NOT ALLOW THE DARK INTO THE CIRCLE.


Ruaridh Law has been an active musician and sound artist for 10 years. As well as recording albums into double figures both solo (as TVO/The Village Orchestra) and collaboratively, he has become known for his site specific pieces performed live, locations/sources which have included a derelict tenement flat, the cargo hold of a German fishing boat, Abney Park Church in Stoke Newington and the rooftop of an NCP carpark. For the last five years he has overseen the Broken20 label, issuing music and DVDs from mostly new artists. His next release, a collaboration with Paul Purgas of Emptyset, will be released in the Autumn.


David Fyans / Erstlaub – is an artist, soundmonger, maker of images, video and stills, presser of buttons and rotator of knobs, art director for Broken20, Insurance Underwriter for the National Tropospherics Commission, occasional writer, solderer and meddler of electricity along with assorted other charges that may or may not stand. Recent works have included ‘The Somnambulist’s Field Guide’, a longform performance/ritual invoking states and spaces of otherness through sonic and environmental manipulations and, under the ever obfuscsated banner of the National Tropospherics Commission, a series of radio interceptions/broadcast, kindly disseminated via Basic FM (RIP).


Both artists have been working together for close to a decade, performing together as well as running the well-regarded Broken20 label



Near Extinction

Rupert Lally and Espen J Jörgensen, Norway.




Espen J Jörgensen´s new film NEAR EXTINCTION featuring a score by Rupert Lally will have its premiere at Sanctuary. Lally and Jörgensen´s collaboration has been a purely musical one up till now, where Espen recorded instruments and sounds and Rupert, recomposed it as well as adding his own recordings. NEAR EXTINCTION was directed, shot and edited by Jörgensen, and Lally made a musical response. A challenge when several minutes are in pitch darkness.


“I can´t make it easy for him,” says Jörgensen, “but I think this is one of  Rupert´s best pieces to date”. “I have, like with my music, no need to talk about the film. I think people will either love it or hate it. Everything that provokes something else than indifference is great for me,” concludes Espen.


Rupert Lally and Espen J Jörgensen also have an unreleased track from the THIS IS ART album, which will be played during THE DARK. OUTSIDE FM  radio broadcast.


Zoviet*france, Newcastle

Chinese Whispers

Somewhere on site

Multiple radio transmissions using interference and signal loss as contributors.


Zoviet France is an idiosyncratic collective of anonymous postindustrialists, dronologists, and pseudo-ethnomusicologists. Their investigations have taken them into fictional cultures where nothing is easily located and reality often slips into the hypnagogic. They have developed a radical relationship with the cheap technologies of old-fashioned tape recorders, homemade acoustic instruments, primitive looping and sampling devices, and basic dub trickery. From these machines, the collective has crafted a distinctly unique vocabulary of postindustrial sonic hypnosis.


Photo credit: Linda Mallett

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