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Lochfield Road

Lochfield Road Primary Care Centre, Dumfries

Therapeutic Art and Design Project

This is the second collaboration with NHS Dumfries & Galloway, building on the success of Healing Spaces for Midpark Acute Mental Health Hospital, Dumfries.

This second collaboration with NHS Dumfries & Galloway, builds on the success of ‘Healing Spaces’ for Midpark Acute Mental Health Hospital, Dumfries.

Each curated artwork focuses on staff and service user benefit, and is designed to offer moments of recognition and gentle contemplation, whilst seamlessly working with the architecture to create calming and reassuring spaces. Each element is conceived with sensitivity to the varied social and age range of those accessing the services.

Artists Jo Hodges and Emma Varley worked with two groups of vulnerable clients who were identified by staff as being groups who would benefit from engagement with artists and being able to participate positively in the creation of works for a building which they would be using,

The photographic composite works located throughout the building are a result of workshops led by Jo Hodges working with clients attending the Specialist Drug & Alcohol Service. Participants learnt how to use macro photographic techniques and by digitally combining the results with mixed media work, developed these beautiful, intriguing and unique images focusing on wild grasses selected from the site where the building now stands.

A group of young people attending ISSU18 young peoples’ substance service, undertook after-school printmaking workshops with Emma Varley to explore the themes of water and the journey. Their work has resulted in the magical and completely unique installation designed by Emma Varley installed in the double height Drug & Alcohol Service entrance lobby. The group also enjoyed working with Emma to select fun and inviting colour combinations and shapes for the children’s soft seating.

Each commissioned element recognises the specific requirements, constraints and opportunities which this Primary Care Centre and its clients and users offered.


Photographs by Colin Tennant