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For 24 hours, deep in the Galloway Forest Park, Sanctuary was an experimentation of sound, light visual art and discussion. The event, which took place around Murrays Monument miles from the nearest town, was a collaboration between artists Robbie Coleman, Jo Hodges and Stuart Mclean and was co-produced by Wide Open.

Dark Outside FM – a site-specific radio station curated by sound artist Stuart Macleann broadcasted previously unheard sound and music from artists as diverse as, Carter Tutti, Bis, Craig Safan and Jon Brooks. Contributions came from Australia, Canada, the UK, Norway, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Denmark and the USA. This new work was heard at this site and the sound files were destroyed afterwards.

Robbie Coleman’s dramatic 100ft neon light sculpture called ‘Enclosure’ cast an unearthly glow. Other happenings exploring aspects of otherworldliness included explorations of the paranormal and strange psychic phenomenon in the tented Dark Skies Lounge.

Portishead’s Geoff Barrow made a surprise appearance arriving in a camper van after driving 340 miles from Bristol, Geoff and colleague Ben Salisbury performed a set under the name of Drokk, in front of Enclosure, Robbie Coleman’s large scale light installation.

Broken20, created an eight-hour improvised light and sound event specially for Sanctuary. Dave Fyanes, of Broken20, said: “It’s a one off, because the whole thing about this event is its transience. We create something in the moment, and at the end we pack up, leave and it’s gone for good.”

Sanctuary featured a lecture by paranormal investigator Innes Smith; film installation work from Rupert Lally and Espen J Jörgensen, Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges, beside the Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall; and the Dark Skies Lounge, where people could hear the music from Dark Skies FM.

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Images: Mike Bolam