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The Vale Centre for Health and Care

Therapeutic Art and Design Programme for The Vale Centre for Health and Care (VCHC), Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire

Commissioned by NHS Glasgow and Greater Clyde, the focus for each commissioned project is to provide practical solutions for public, clinical and learning areas, supporting orientation and promoting a sense of wellbeing for service users and staff alike.

The site location and its proximity to such a varied and special natural environment – River Clyde and Loch Lomond – provide the inspiration and framework for the Therapeutic Art and Design Strategy. Each of the proposed commissions, in referencing the natural environment, seeks to bring the outside into the Centre and lead the gaze of users, students and staff beyond the walls of the building into the wider landscape.

Each project is firmly grounded in academic research and national and international examples of best practice in commissioning art and design for healthcare environments. Regional and national artists and designer-makers have been carefully selected for their understanding and interest in the specific requirements, constraints and opportunities which working in the healthcare environment requires.