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‘Quests & Retreats’, is a new Wide Open cultural tourism initiative connecting the arts, landscape, well being, history and mythology of South West Scotland.

Quests & Retreats aims to offer “uplifting escapes” to various locations in Dumfries & Galloway, with creative and outdoor experiences, and inspiring talks from some leading lights in the arts and sciences.

photo by artist, Katie Anderson.

photo by artist, Katie Anderson.

A number of pilot Quests have been created and run over summer 2016 curated by Jan Hogarth working with leading lights in the arts and sciences such as renowned geographer Professor David Munro, performing artist Dougie Strang, International harpist Wendy Stewart and sound artist and Merlin pilgrim Justin K Prim.

Quests and Retreats is an overarching cultural initiative which creates a series of transformational and thought provoking experiences in the landscape for participatory audiences. Quests and Retreats has a multi-disciplinary approach bringing artists, scientists, people with local landscape knowledge, and academics together with the public to contribute their knowledge to a Quest or Retreat making it a cultural adventure in the landscape for participants. These will be carefully curated to touch people and stimulate the mind, body and senses, growing an enhanced environmental, ecological and cultural awareness through the connections made between people, ideas and landscape.

This approach evolves a means of collaborative working that is conceived to be open, responsive and rewarding for all involved. The process is experimental and covers many areas of art practice such as socially engaged practice, environmental art, ecological art, art actions, performance, outdoor poetry, music, soundscapes etc. The Quest or Retreat will use the landscape as a context for evolving experimental participatory experiences which stimulate conversations about the past and the future.



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